For Your Comfort

It’s normal to be a little nervous at the dentist. Past unpleasant experiences and fear of the unknown can all contribute to a feeling of tension during a dental visit. For most people, our caring demeanor and considerate explanation of what to expect helps to alleviate those feelings. For those with higher levels of nervousness, we offer options for treatment while sedated.

LCD Televisions

We want to make your visit as pleasant and relaxing as possible.  With our ceiling televisions, you can watch a variety of television shows to take your mind off of your visit.  It’s much more interesting than counting the spots on the ceiling tiles.  The televisions are connected to DVD players, so you can even bring in your favourite TV show or movie.   We also have headphones if you’d like to listen to the television and drown out the sounds of dentistry!

Oral Sedation

The most common sedation we use is called “Oral Sedation”. This type of sedation uses a tablet to help you relax through your appointment. There are no IV’s for this type of sedation. You take this tablet at our office, approximately one hour before your appointment. The tablet needs about an hour to take effect. Keep in mind, this is not a general anaesthesia, and you will be awake. But typically with this sedation you feel a little dizzy, relaxed, and you stop caring about what’s happening. You will be able to respond throughout your entire treatment, although your memory of the appointment will likely be fuzzy.

Deep Sedation

Another option is “Deep Sedation”. As the name implies, Deep Sedation (sometimes called “Sleep Dentistry”) is a deeper form of sedation. During this type of sedation, an IV medication will be used to put you into a deep sleep for the duration of the treatment. This is a great option for people who say, “Just put me right out and wake me up when it’s all over!”
When we are using Deep Sedation, we have a specially trained Dental Anaesthesiologist come to the office to perform this sedation service. The anaesthologist will induce and monitor the sedation, and we will complete the dental treatment.

If you are nervous about going to the dentist, give us a call. We would be happy to see you for a free consultation to discuss your fears. Together we will come up with a plan that will allow us to care for you in a way that makes you comfortable.