We Love Being Part of the Oakville Community!

All of us at Smileworx Dental believe in contributing to the community of Oakville.

We organize and host two major charity events each year, as well as participate in a number of our local activities.  Whether it be giving out hot chocolate at the Santa Clause parade, setting up a tent for the Halloween Tots on Parade or providing a day of free dental care for those underprivileged in need, we are always happy to help out and give back to a community that gives so much.

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2411, 2015

Dentistry From The Heart

We have an annual Dentistry From The Heart day when we open our doors and our team provides free dentistry to those less fortunate who otherwise would not have access to needed dental care.  It’s a great day, and this year we provided over $30,000 worth of free dentistry.  If you’d like information about our next Dentistry From The Heart day, please contact us.

2411, 2015

Skate to Great Charity Mouthguard Clinic

Our annual charity mouthguard clinic is another exciting event.  We provide free custom hockey/sports mouthguards for one day only.  There is a suggested donation of $10 and/or gently used hockey/skating equipment.  All proceeds go to Skate To Great, a charity which provides hockey and skating equipment to those who might not otherwise have access to the sports.  To find out about our next mouthguard clinic, please contact us.

2411, 2015

Oakville Santa Clause Parade Hot Chocolate Booth

Each year, we set up a booth outside our downtown Oakville office at the corner of Lakeshore Road and Navy Street and hand out free hot chocolate to parade-goers.  If you’re attending the parade this year, be sure to drop by…it’s real warm-up when the weather is starting to get a little chilly!

2411, 2015

Tots on Parade Halloween Day

The annual Hallowe’en Tots on Parade sees nearly one thousand kids in downtown Oakville, all dressed up in their Hallowe’en costumes collecting candy from the various businesses.  We set up our tent right outside our office on the corner of Lakeshore Rd and Navy street to greet the kids and pass out candy (and toothbrushes!).  We feel a little guilty passing out candy, but it’s only once a year!

2411, 2015

Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Each year our team members compete in an office pumpkin carving contest.  We display the pumpkins the week of Hallowe’en and our patients vote on their favourites.  Our team is surprisingly competitive and skilled at pumpkin carving…come by and check them out if you’re nearby during the last week of October!

2411, 2015

Christmas Contest

To further fuel our competitive fire, we also have an in-office Christmas contest.  Last year it was gingerbread house building, the year before it was miniature tree decorating.  I think a Christmas stocking contest is in the works for this year.  Come in an see our efforts during the two weeks before Christmas!