Home Whitening Instructions

Applying The Whitening Gel

Refer to the packaging for instructions on applying the gel to the whitening trays.  The instructions show how to apply a small drop to the outer perimeter of the inner surface (the surface of the tray that contacts the areas of your teeth that show when you smile).

How long should you wear the trays?

Your whitening schedule can range from 30 minutes every second day for extremely sensitive individuals, to 3 hours twice per day for individuals who have no sensitivity.  This whitening schedule is personal to you, and will be determined by the level of whitening you are trying to achieve, how quickly you are trying to achieve that level, and the degree of sensitivity that occurs due to the whitening.

Rule of thumb: Whitening your teeth more often, for longer periods of time will result in whiter teeth more quickly, but increases the chance of developing sensitive teeth.


All whitening systems cause your teeth to become dehydrated, which can make your teeth temporarily sensitive to cold temperatures, air, and sweets. The sensitivity can range from very mild to quite severe.  This is normal and will resolve.

If you are one of the small percentage who experience severe sensitivity, apply a thin layer of Sensodyne toothpaste to your whitening trays and wear them overnight. You may have to do this for a few nights, but the sensitivity will resolve.  Ibuprofen (Advil?) also helps reduce tooth sensitivity.

Keeping Your Teeth White

Your teeth are most susceptible to darkening during the 1-2 week period that you are whitening your teeth, and for the first two weeks after.  During this time, avoid consuming anything with dark-staining pigments.  Examples of things to avoid are:  coffee, tea (including green tea), red wine, tobacco, tomato sauce, dark gravy, cola, dark candies, berries and berry juices, and dark popsicles.

On average, patients do whitening touch-ups 6-8 months after the initial whitening session.  A touch-up typically involves using the DayWhite for 1-2 hours per day for 2 days.  This is usually enough to return your teeth to the shade achieved during the initial session.

If you require more whitening gel, we supply additional syringes at cost.

The longer and more often you use DayWhite gel, the whiter your teeth will become, to your maximum whitening potential.  However, this also increases the likelihood you will experience sensitivity.  The key to successful home whitening is determining the time and frequency that allows you to achieve your desired whitening results while keeping your teeth comfortable.  This balance is different for everyone.

Remember, if your teeth are sensitive, use a thin layer of Sensodyne toothpaste in the whitening trays overnight.